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It's fun to see the momentum picking up with Twilight Shift!

We have quite a few sites being made right now, and we can't wait to show them off! We're having a tremendous time working with our flagship clients, and are meeting some new and exciting friends everyday. It's great to be on the Nashville scene, pumping up the volume, and partying on the dance floor!  

We're planning this first annual Twilight Movie Party at our HQ, as soon as the sun starts going down a little bit earlier, and we hope to see you there! 

See you soon!

// The Twilight Shift //


I have just started work on the Business Planfor Twilight Shift, and honestly doing it will make a lot better off compared to a majority of our competion out there who are little brothers, cousins, friends of friends, and just unprepared web developers and web designers who can do the work, but can not properly focus their intentions and goals, thus never really progressing.  Done right, our business plan will contain a lot of infomation to help focus ourselves, pace ourselves, and see our goals, reach them, and surpass.

I am going to utilize quite a bit of resources to finish this plan. The Nashville Main public library of course, SCORE, mentors, friends, my own business knowledge, Dr. Pepper,  google, and some PB&Js.

I hope to have this whole plan done before June so wish me luck!


Idea to make a more personal, design focused, marketing oriented, with actual customer service webdesign company in Nashville. Check!

Form a team of skilled designers, programmers, and artists. Check!

Finish our own website. Check!

That looks like such small tasks when the sentences are that small, but for all you could know maybe we had to travel through valleys, wrestle a polar bear, go to a luau, swim across the nile, and unclog a garage disposal.  But there is still so much more to do!

This is a very exciting time for us at twilight shift. Building portfolios, finding clients, business planning, maintaining our new awesome site, and probably a million other small things just to connect everything up and going.

However, the first steps of Twilight Shift have begun! Now back to work!


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